Pride and prejudice

So i have decided that i like to keep a list of fanfiction that i really liked and will read again after a while.
Modern P&P
Anything by orchidvines is worth reading and re-reading

Fredrika and my favorite

Forces of Passion by Alison. Be warned that it's technically a WIP, although the plot is mostly wrapped up at this point, the Mr Bennet is (depending on your interpretation) either somewhat or wildly OOC, and there's an abundance of distracting (though interesting) footnotes.

The Firstborn by Mags. This isn't a D/E story in the sense that I think of it -- that is, their relationship isn't the main focus -- but they are major characters and they do end up together, and it's a wonderful story.

The Life and Opinions of Gilroy Hurst, Gentleman by Esther Again, the Darcy/Elizabeth plot is only one of several and a number of characters are scarcely recognisable, but it's enjoyable enough that I recommend reading it.

A More Prosperous Trial of the State by Victoria CL This one is both a MP/P&P crossover and a sequel (to both), and one of the only P&P sequels I can wholeheartedly recommend. My biggest criticism is that she uses "William" for Darcy, which is a personal pet peeve of mine. Her The Fortune He Ought To Have is also excellent, even though the premise is very far out there (Darcy and Wickham are switched at birth!).

Of Time Gone By by Bekah. Darcy is deaf, with all the consequences this entails in Regency England. I also recommend her other long story, The Birthright.

Lizzy the Vampire Slayer by Genette

An Alteration of Schemes and The Obligations of Love and Duty by Ali The former is a WIP and hasn't been updated in awhile, but like all Ali's stories, it's very enjoyable.

Disenchanted by Kara. P&P with magic!

A Touch of Night by Sarah Hoyt and Sofie. P&P with lycanthropy!

The Mark of the Cat by Sofie. It's basically original fic, but I enjoyed it anyway.

That's all I can think of at the moment, but I'll let you know if I find any more. Most of the best P&P fiction, IMO, is medium-length or even one-shots, but sometimes you just want a nice long epic.


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